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Like all writers I am ‘working on the novel’. I initially wrote it as a film script but, with the onset of Covid, the film business more or less shut up shop. Besides, it’s even harder to get an original screenplay looked at than it is a manuscript. So, I’ve been rewriting it as a book.

It’s called The Daisy Chain – the heroine is a talented artist called Daisy, who becomes Painter in Residence at Kew Gardens under legendary scientist Joseph Banks (who was awesome), befriends Queen Charlotte and gets mixed up in all sorts of shenanigans.

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The adventure tale Jane Austen never wrote. Kew Gardens 1771, espionage, colonial unrest, plant hunting, slave trading, three trapped women, two handsome men, one orphaned beauty, royalty, love, skulduggery, and melons.

I’m almost there with it now and hope to self-publish the manuscript sometime before Easter. Please feel free to download the first 2,000 or so words here. If you enjoy it and would like to know when the final novel is available to buy, simply register below for my newsletter and you’ll be among the first to know upon publication.