A Passion For Pork


There are very many forgotten heroes of WW1. Then there are the blokes that made the sausages. They should be taken seriously.

In my professional copywriting life, I was briefed to produce a series of three pieces around the centenary of Armistice Day. As part of my research, I watched Peter Jackson’s film ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ and became fascinated by the scenes of field kitchens, rations, cooking and supply trains. That led me to discover the Army Supply Corps – a battalion of unsung heroes who kept the troops fed and watered. At the same time I somehow came across the history of German pork butchers, or whom there were thousands in England pre-1914. I knew instinctively there was a story there, which crystalised one MA writing session out of nowhere (although around Armistice day) when we were asked to spend 10 minutes writing about somebody hearing bad news. For me it was about a father receiving news that his son had died in the trenches.


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