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These pieces tend to be stories I’ve written for competitions or MA assignments. Some are ‘episodes’ that I hope to build up to make a collection or anthology of stories around a common theme. Please do feed back on these stories – if I get positive response then I will be more inclined to keep pursuing the themes.

Billy Bubbles’ Michelin Star Monday


A ‘Rusty Scupper’ Tale


I wrote this 2,500 word story about Bouillabaisse as an entry to a competition where the theme had to involve ‘food’ somehow. Actually, it’s a follow-up to an initial longer RUSTY SCUPPER story elsewhere on this site called WHEN STANNI MET HARRY (REDKNAPP) which, if you’ve got a spare 99p, I recommend you read first. It encompasses my love of wine and food and cooking, and all the ‘food porn’ I watch on television. It didn’t win any prizes but it’s an amusing story about oysters, mailed gauntlets, Costieres de Nime rosé wine, French kissing and love lost.